Clinton County is a county located in the U.S. state of Kentucky. As of the 2010 census, the population was 10,272. Its county seat is Albany. The county was formed in 1835 and named for DeWitt Clinton, the seventh Governor of New York. It is a prohibition or dry county. Clinton County was formed on February 20, 1835 from portions of Cumberland and Wayne counties. It was named for DeWitt Clinton, governor of New York and driving force behind the Erie Canal. Courthouse fires in 1864 and 1980 resulted in the destruction of county records. In presidential elections Clinton County has been overwhelmingly Republican ever since Reconstruction ended. Its Republican sympathies are rooted in the fact that, relative to population, Clinton County provided more soldiers for the Union Army than any free state, and saw a proportion of its population volunteer for Union service only exceeded by the equally rock-ribbed Republican Owsley County.
The last Democrat to carry Clinton County was Horatio Seymour in 1868 a�� when the state was largely controlled by former Confederates a�� and since at least 1896 no Democrat has reached thirty percent of the countya��s vote. Nor has any Republican a�� even William Howard Taft during the divided 1912 election a�� fallen short of sixty percent. Only Jackson County to the northeast has also seen no Democrat reach thirty percent during the twentieth century.

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